Executive Director Update


World Trade Center (WTC)
December 2023 Executive Director Update

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NYCERS continues to maintain open lines of communication with World Trade Center stakeholders. In September, NYCERS met with FDNY leadership to discuss areas of mutual concern and opportunities to improve collaboration. NYCERS provided the FDNY leaders with an overview of key processes, including disability/service retirement, survivor and accidental death benefits, and a highlight on WTC notices. 

Members and retirees have been using the Grave/Terminally Ill notification process implemented earlier this year, with five people notifying NYCERS through that channel.

Additional accomplishments in 2023:

  • Launched the first phase of NYCERS Disability webpage, the goal of which is to improve stakeholders’ understanding of the disability process; and
  • In 2023, the World Trade Center (WTC) Review Committee reviewed 177 cases.

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Terminal or Grave Illness Notification

Complete this form only if you are terminally or gravely ill and need to apply for a Disability benefit, or if you have already applied and need to notify NYCERS of the gravity of your illness.