Executive Director Update


NYCERS Executive Director Update
Melanie Whinnery

World Trade Center (WTC) 
December 2020 Executive Director Update

Medical Board Appointments

Between 2017 and 2020, the following doctors were appointed to the NYCERS Medical Board:


Dr. Jane Daly, Oncology
Dr. John Hasset, Pulmonologist/Internal Medicine
Dr. Noel Mancherje, Internal Medicine
Dr. Kathryn Ko, Neurosurgery


Dr. Frederick A. Rapoport, Internal Medicine/Medical Oncology


Dr. Peter R. Neumann, General Surgery and Oncologic Surgery
Dr. Damian J. Martino, Internal Medicine and Pain Medicine


Dr. Jeffrey Kornreich, Physiatrist
Dr. Rashida Y. White-McCrimmon, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Robert Braff, Cardiologist/Internal Medicine

During this period (2017-2020), four doctors have transitioned off the NYCERS Medical Board. 

The following doctors were appointed prior to 2017 and remain on NYCERS’ Medical Board:

Dr. Joseph Bottner, Emergency Medicine (Chair)
Dr. John J. Daly, Gastroenterologist/Internal Medicine
Dr. Warren T. Janus, General Surgeon/Internal Medicine
Dr. Theobald Reich, General Surgeon/Vascular Surgery/Internal Medicine
Dr. Lawrence Scharer, Pulmonologist/Geriatrician/Internal Medicine
Dr. Marjorie Scheiber, Physiatrist
Dr. Vasilios Sierros, Pulmonologist/Internal Medicine
Dr. Robert Silverman, Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine