Disclaimer and Privacy Policy


Users of www.nycers.org assume total responsibility and risk for the use of this website (hereinafter “website”). The New York City Employees’ Retirement System (NYCERS) does not make any express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements whatsoever with regard to the website or any information herein. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all services and other information provided. NYCERS does not warrant that the website will be uninterrupted or error-free or that defects in the service will be corrected. The service and any software made available on the service are provided on an “as is, as available basis.” The programs and requirements set forth on this website are necessarily subject to change without notice at any time at the discretion of NYCERS. Every effort has been made to make the material presented on this website timely and accurate. This does not preclude, however, the possibility of undetected error. Critical points of fact or interpretation should therefore be considered subject to confirmation by the appropriate department or office of NYCERS.

NYCERS suggests you consult with an attorney and/or a tax advisor should you have any specific legal or tax questions concerning the information provided on this website. In all cases, the provisions of the governing laws, rules, and regulations will prevail.

Privacy Policy

NYCERS is providing this website, and the content on it, as a public service to NYCERS members, both active and retired, and NYCERS beneficiaries. Safeguarding your personal information has always been, and will continue to be, one of NYCERS’ foremost concerns. NYCERS will not collect any personal information about visitors to the public pages of its website. Any data collected regarding visitors to the public pages will be limited to tracking the number of visitors to the website and the number of visits to each page within the website.

Voluntary disclosure of personal information to NYCERS by the user, whether solicited or unsolicited, constitutes consent to the collection and disclosure of the information by NYCERS for the purposes for which the user disclosed the information to NYCERS, as was reasonably ascertainable from the nature and terms of the disclosure, including collection and disclosure for the purpose of validating the identity of the user. This includes entering data for the purpose of submitting an online form through MyNYCERS.

On the secure side of our website – MyNYCERS – we record visits by members who have logged into the site and display updates about their last log-in time and last submitted online transaction.

Information Collection and Use

If an inquiry is sent via email, do not include your member or pension number or your Social Security number. 

Any personal information that you provide in an email is only used by NYCERS to respond to your query or request. 

Disclosure of Information Collected

No personal information will be disclosed to anyone outside of NYCERS, unless we receive formal authorization from you or are required to comply with a Freedom of Information Law request, or if required by court order or law. In addition, NYCERS may disclose information to the federal or State law enforcement authorities to enforce NYCERS’ rights against unauthorized access or attempted unauthorized access to NYCERS’ information technology assets.

NYCERS does not disclose, sell or rent email addresses to any individual or outside entity.


NYCERS does not use client-side cookies, which are cookies that store information on your hard drive; however, a server-side session is used to track individual user sessions. A server-side session is initiated when a user logs into the password-protected section of the NYCERS site. Once a user is logged off the NYCERS site, the server-side session disappears. If a user successfully logs into the NYCERS site, they can choose to log off at any time. Additionally, logged-in users will be automatically logged-off if they are inactive on the site for more than 30 minutes, or close or quit their web browser.

Links to Third-Party Websites

NYCERS’ website provides links to local, state and federal government agencies and public sector benefit organizations (third-party websites). NYCERS is not responsible for any of the privacy policies and security measures utilized by third-party websites, nor does the availability of the link to a third party, on NYCERS’ website, constitute NYCERS’ endorsement of the services or content provided.

Security Information

NYCERS’ website uses standard safeguards, such as secure certificate authorities, encryption, and encoding, to prevent the unauthorized from retrieving, mishandling and altering the data under our control.


This privacy policy only applies to NYCERS and NYCERS reserves the right to change its policies at any time. Please review our policies periodically for any changes or updates that may affect you as a visitor to our website.