Pension Seminars


Pension Seminars

Seminars at NYCERS

Starting in 2018, NYCERS will host a Comprehensive Pre-Retirement Pension Seminar once each quarter.

These quarterly seminars will target:

  • Tier 4 members currently eligible to retire, or
  • Tier 4 members who are within two years of the retirement eligibility requirements of the plan in which they are enrolled.

NYCERS will inform agency Benefit Coordinators or Human Resource Representatives about the date of the upcoming Comprehensive Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar. The agency representative will invite members employed in their agency to attend the specific event at NYCERS’ headquarters.

Off-Site Seminars

Benefit Coordinators: To request a seminar at your agency’s location, please contact at least 30 days in advance of the proposed date of your event. NYCERS will reply to you within 5 business days of receiving your request.