Service Retirement Kits


Service Retirement Kits

Download all the necessary Service Retirement applications at once under the Retirement Kits tab. For individual retirement applications, look under the Forms tab. When you are ready to retire, NYCERS strongly encourages you to make an appointment for a telephone consultation with a NYCERS Retirement Counselor.

Form 543

Request to Change or Correct Retirement Date
Form #543

If you previously filed a Service Retirement Application with NYCERS, you may change your retirement date by filing this form with NYCERS up to the day before your effective retirement date. If your request is received on or after your retirement date, it is denied.

Note: You cannot change your retirement date if you are already receiving your pension from NYCERS.

Fact Sheet 716

The Road to Your NYCERS Retirement
Fact Sheet #716

Retiring from your City job is an important step and the beginning of an exciting time in your life! On a practical note, it’s a process that will take at least a few months to complete and can go more smoothly if you fully understand what to do and what to expect. Here at a glance are your 7 Stops on the Road to Retirement.