Social Security Resources

Protecting Your Social Security Number

Social Security Scams
An infographic alerting the public about Social Security telephone and email scams.

Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number
(05-10064, ICN 463270, June 2018)
Learn how you can prevent identity theft and what you can do if you’re a victim.

Online Services

How To Create An Online Account
(05-10540, ICN 459261, June 2017)
Get step-by-step instructions for creating a “my Social Security” account.

See What You Can Do Online
(05-10121, ICN 444812, December 2017)
Get the web address for the online services available from Social Security.

Online Retirement Estimator
(05-10510, ICN 470114, July 2017)
Learn about the online Retirement Estimator, how it works and who can use it.

How To Apply Online For Retirement, Spouses Or Medicare Benefits
(05-10523, ICN 470140, January 2019)
Get easy-to-follow instructions for using Social Security’s online benefit application.

Retirement Benefits

(05-10035, ICN 457500, January 2020)
Learn about Social Security retirement benefits: how you earn coverage; how to apply; how benefits are figured; and how to decide when to retire.

Your Retirement Benefit: How It Is Figured
(05-10070, ICN 467100, January 2020)
Learn about the formula used to calculate Social Security retirement benefits and take advantage of a worksheet to help you estimate your retirement benefits.

When To Start Receiving Retirement Benefits
(05-10147, ICN 480136, January 2020)
Factors that can help you make an informed decision about the best time to retire.

Your Retirement Checklist
(05-10377, June 2019)
When to start receiving retirement benefits is a personal decision based on your situation. Learn about factors to consider as you think about when to start receiving your Social Security retirement benefits.


(05-10043, ICN 460000, November 2019)
Learn about Medicare hospital and medical insurance, who is covered, and how to apply.

Apply Online for Medicare — Even if You Are Not Ready to Retire
(05-10530, ICN 470147, January 2018)
Learn how fast and easy it is to apply for Medicare online.

General Information

Update 2020
(05-10003, ICN 451385, January 2020)
This fact sheet provides new information for each current year for many items, such as Social Security taxes and benefits and other factors of eligibility.

Understanding the Benefits
(05-10024, ICN 454930, January 2020)
Get an overview of all Social Security programs and Medicare.

How You Earn Credits
(05-10072, ICN 467510, January 2020)
Find out what work credits are, how they’re earned, and just how many you’ll need to get benefits.

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