2023 Laws


New York City Local Law 12 of 2023 – Requires agencies to post a website accessibility statement, and develop and implement a five-year accessibility plan.

This law adds §23-1004 of the NYC Administrative Code requiring agencies to post a website accessibility statement, develop and implement a five-year accessibility plan, provide annual progress reports with regards to the five-year plan and provide updates to the plan every three years.

This law is effective as of January 21, 2023.

Chapter 55 of the Laws of 2023 (Budget Bill: Part V and Part HH)

Part V of this Budget Bill amends Part HH of Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2022, which waived retiree RSSL§§ 211 & 212 approval and income limitations for NY public school earnings, by pushing the date that Part HH expires and is deemed repealed 1 year to June 30, 2024.

Part V is effective May 03, 2023

Part HH of this Budget Bill amends the RSSL by authorizing members to transfer creditable service as an EMT to the New York City Fire Department Pension Fund. This provision is only applicable to NYCERS Members with 10 or more years of credited service. Members who make the above transfer of contributions or withdraws their contributions from NYCERS will cease to be a member of NYCERS and will not retain credited service in NYCERS.

Part HH is effective May 03, 2023.

Chapter 213 of the Laws of 2023 – Increases certain special accidental death benefits.

This law amends the Retirement and Social Security Law (RSSL) § 361-a(c) and General Municipal Law (GML) § 208-f(c) by adding an additional percentage to the deceased member’s salary used in the computation of the Special Accidental Death Benefit. The beneficiaries of the following NYCERS members are covered: Correction Officers, Housing and Transit Police, Uniformed Sanitation members, certain EMTs and TBTA members. 

This law is effective as of July 1, 2023