Member Resources


Retirement Plan Booklets

Below you will find Retirement Plan Booklets organized by Tier and Plan. If you are not sure what Tier and/or Plan you are in, log in to your MyNYCERS account to find this info displayed in the Member Summary tile on the homepage.


Planning for Retirement

It’s never too early to plan for your retirement, so why not start now? In this section you will find tools and information to help you set goals and plan for a secure, comfortable life after you retire. 


Pension Seminars

Seminars at NYCERS

NYCERS hosts a Comprehensive Pre-Retirement Pension Seminar each quarter.

These quarterly seminars target:

  • Tier 4 members currently eligible to retire, or
  • Tier 4 members who are within two years of the retirement eligibility requirements of the plan in which they are enrolled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions most often asked by NYCERS members (and the answers!). Because laws are constantly changing and the variety of plans is vast, all answers should be read as introductory rather than definitive. For specific information about your NYCERS account, please contact NYCERS’  Call Center at (347) 643-3000 or visit NYCERS’ Walk-in Service Center at 340 Jay Street in downtown Brooklyn.