Top 10 Reasons to Join NYCERS

Fact Sheet
1.  Pension – An Invaluable Benefit

Your membership with NYCERS provides a guaranteed income for life upon retirement, as well as the opportunity to provide a continued retirement benefit to a designated beneficiary upon your death after retirement.

2.  Less Taxable Federal Income

Because your required contributions are made on a tax-deferred basis from federal income taxes, it may lower your current federal taxable income.

3.  5% Interest on Your Contributions

Your contributions grow at 5% interest per annum in order to help fund your lifetime benefits after you retire. In the event you leave City service prior to retirement, you may be eligible for a refund, which includes this interest.

4.  Lower Buyback Costs

The sooner you join NYCERS after becoming a City employee, the lower the cost to purchase pre-membership service.

5.  Borrowing Power

Most members may borrow up to 75% of their contributions after one year of Credited Service.

6.  Tax-Free Benefit in New York State

Your future pension benefit is free from New York City and New York State taxes.

7.  Disability Protection

Most members are eligible to apply for Accidental Disability on their first day of membership, and Ordinary Disability after 10 years of Credited Service.

8.  Death Benefits

Death benefits of up to three years of your salary, plus the return of your membership contributions with interest, are payable if you should die as an active employee.

9.  Portability

Your NYCERS contributions can be transferred to any other public pension system in New York State.

10.  Easy, Secure Account Access with MyNYCERS

Download the MyNYCERS mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, or go to to register your account for quick and easy access to your pension account anytime you need it. MyNYCERS allows members to monitor account balances, file online applications, submit a service request and upload documents and forms.