The New York City Employees Retirement System (NYCERS) is providing this web site, and the content on it, as a public service to NYCERS members, both active and retired. Safeguarding your personal information has always been, and will continue to be, one of our foremost concerns. NYCERS will not collect any personal information about visitors to our web site. Any data collected will be limited to tracking the number of visitors to our web site and the number of visits to each page within our web site.

  1. Information Collection and Use

If personal information is sent via email, please use your member or pension number as your personal identifier. This number can be found on all correspondence received from NYCERS, as well as on your payroll stub. It is strongly suggested that you do not use your social security number.

Any personal information that you provide in an email is only used by NYCERS to respond to your query or request. Information that is submitted when applying for employment, via NYCERS' web site, shall only be used to evaluate qualifications for the applicable position. NYCERS does not disclose any personal data that is received to anyone outside of NYCERS.

  1. Disclosure of Information Collected

No personal information will be disclosed to anyone outside of NYCERS, unless we receive formal authorization from you or are required to comply with a Freedom of Information Law request, or if required by court order or law. NYCERS does not disclose, sell or rent email addresses to any individual or outside entity.

  1. Cookies

NYCERS does not use client-side cookies, which are cookies that store information on your hard drive; however, a server-side cookie is used to track individual user sessions. A server-side cookie is initiated when a user logs into the password-protected section of the NYCERS' site. Once a user is logged off the NYCERS' site, the server-side cookie disappears. NYCERS does not use server-side cookies to gather or store any information about visitors to our site. If a user successfully logs into the NYCERS' site, they can choose to log off at any time. Additionally, logged-in users will be automatically logged-off if they are inactive on the site for more than 30 minutes, or close or quit their Web browser.

  1. Links to Third Party Web Sites

NYCERS' web site provides links to local, state and federal government agencies and public sector benefit organizations (third-party web sites). NYCERS is not responsible for any of the privacy policies and security measures utilized by third-party web sites, nor does the availability of the link to a third party, on NYCERS' web site, constitute our endorsement of the services or content provided.

  1. Security Information

NYCERS' web site uses standard safeguards, such as secure certificate authorities, encryption, and encoding, to prevent the unauthorized from retrieving, mishandling and altering the data under our control.

  1. Disclaimer

This privacy policy only applies to NYCERS and NYCERS reserves the right to change its policies at anytime. Please review our policies periodically for any changes or updates that may affect you as a visitor to our web site.